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What was the inspiration for Recharge Fitness?

I've always loved business and I've always loved the gym. A chance to combine those two passions was too good to miss, especially when partnering up with a talented old school friend. Our fitness, health and our aesthetic can massively influence our quality of life, the time I've spent training friends, family, to better their life has been massively rewarding. Recharge Fitness gives us a platform to help the public stay in shape.

Is the gym equipment market place too busy? Absolutely not. There are three key trends I've noticed:

1.) Established brands have got complacent. Their offering is pretty basic, their service is bang average, and they've got too comfortable.

2.) Companies and individuals are ripping people off. As a nation, we've never valued our exercise time more, there are people looking to capitalise on this in an unmoral way. We see brands selling dumbbells for £8/kg online, and the various ebay and amazon users selling for as high as £15/kg. A 10kg dumbbell costing £150 and if you want a pair (who wouldn't) that'll set you back £ shipping.

3.) The future is home gyms. There is absolutely a place for commercial gyms, it helps keep people accountable, but we are seeing a shift. As the public value their health and ability to exercise more by the day, the ability to stay disciplined increases. People with home gym equipment, are actually using it! As we move out of isolation due to COVID-19, there will be in influx of people in gyms (if this is allowed), but lots of people sweating in close proximity to each other, isn't everyones cup of tea. Lots of you are making do without a gym, instead your investing in some great quality gym equipment and creating your own routines. PTs are making do by running virtual Zoom sessions, and you know what, it's working.

So in short, we've launched because the public need us, an honest provider of good quality gym equipment, providing a happy helpful service, and making the big boys sweat a little as there is a genuine challenger making huge strides in the gym equipment market place. A year ago I moved into my house which we designed and built from scratch, a top priority was having a gym, but out of the whole process of building a home, finding a trusted gym equipment supplier was one of the hardest things! Not any more. Recharge Fitness Ltd are here, supplying dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, plates and much more.

We are in this for the long run and can't wait to keep expanding our offering.

Ryan x

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