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We are a brand with a difference. We don't just want to sell you top-grade gym equipment. Loads of brands can sell gym kit, we want to go deeper, we want to help. This comes in various forms, we are equally happy helping Joe Blogs (and his wife, Mary Blogs) start their fitness journey, as we are happy helping (insert funny name here) gym mogul open their 14th gym at a cut-rate.

Everything You Need to Know About Gym Flooring

Here is our top guide when it comes to gym flooring. There are lots of options, these pages help you find the right flooring for you, and goes into more depth but helping ensure you can fit it.

Becoming a Personal Trainer

We work with thousands of fitness professionals, and a lot of our customers fall in love with fitness and want to launch a career in the industry. Getting a PT qualification is often the start point, here is our guide.

Launching a HYROX gym

The new CrossFit? HYROX is taking the world by storm. Strength and fitness combined. Great physiques, excellent communities, there is a lot to like. We've managed to ride the wave and have become experts when it comes to launching new HYROX spaces. Here is our guide.

We've got a lot of experience. Not only are we award-winning gym equipment specialists, but we are made up of a team that includes:

  • Bodybuilders

  • Investors

  • Builders

  • Business Superstars

  • Property Experts

  • Elite sports Players

  • Fitness Enthusiasts from all disciplines

We have tens of years experience in the game, and we can and will help you regardless of where you need help. Our ethos is very much about making a positive impact. This advice section is just a small example of how we provide help, if you can't find the advice you are after within this section, please do drop us a message, nine times out of ten, we will be able to share our experience to provide a little added value.


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Case Studies

Winners Fitness
Group Training and PT Studio

Creation of a new boutique gym in Archway, the home of super-experienced PT Jermaine, who will be running his training, group training and events in this new gym-based home!

Budget: £18k
Location: Peckham, London
Client Feedback: ""You've been amazing, we love our gym and the bespoke rig is an amazing feature, thanks again

Private PT studio
Max Clementson

England Rugby Sevens Player Max trains hard on and off the pitch. Max wanted to create a purpose-built home gym for personal use and training clients. He invested in some top kit that makes the most of his garden room gym.

Budget: £8k
Location: Oxford
Client Feedback: "It's outstanding. You are legends, I'm buzzing."

Hyrox Gym

"Expansion of the MZ9 brand. MZ9 were looking at adding a new Hyrox gym in Kent. We worked closely with them to launch this beautiful space which will focus on Hyrox training and events.

Budget: £38k
Location: Kent
Client Feedback: "The service and quality has been great, we look forward to working with you on the next MZ9 gym"

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