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Launching a Hyrox Gym

HYROX has taken the fitness world by storm, combining functional strength training with high-intensity cardio to create a unique and competitive workout experience. If you’re passionate about HYROX and looking to launch your own HYROX gym, you’re on the right track to tapping into a growing fitness trend.

How to Become a HYROX Partner

To become a HYROX gym partner, you need to visit the HYROX official website and contact their partnerships team. Then, complete the application form and ensure your gym meets their space, equipment, and staff training requirements. Once approved, you are able to sign the partnership agreement, train your staff through HYROX certification programs, and start offering and promoting HYROX classes and events at your gym.

How Much Does It Cost?

The fee may well increase as the HYROX hype continues to grow but, it currently starts at around £90.00 per month to become a partner. There will also be equipment costs to make sure your gym meets the HYROX criteria. We've created a full equipment list below.

We have launched multiple Hyrox gyms and training spaces. You can launch a modest sized unit for as little as £25,000.

What Equipment Will I Need?

To equip a HYROX gym, you'll need a variety of high-quality, functional equipment. We have included a full detailed list below but it mainly includes SkiErgs, rowing machines, sleds for pushing and pulling, free weights, sandbags, kettlebells, and plyometric boxes. You'll also need wall balls, mats, and areas for functional exercises like burpee broad jumps and farmer's carries.

The Benefits to becoming a HYROX Partner Gym:

Brand Association:
Partnering with HYROX allows you to align yourself with a reputable and rapidly growing fitness brand, enhancing credibility and visibility within the fitness community.

Access to Training Resources: HYROX provides partner gyms with access to specialised training resources, including workout plans, coaching materials, and educational content tailored to the HYROX format, helping gyms deliver high-quality training programs to their members.

Attract New Members: Offering HYROX specific training programs and events can attract new members to partner gyms who are interested in participating in or preparing for the races.

Opportunities for Collaboration: Partnering with HYROX opens up opportunities for collaboration with other businesses and organisations within the fitness industry, helping to expand your network.

Entry discount code/ Early registration for members: Partner gyms typically receive discount codes for HYROX event entries, which can be passed on to members. They also have the ability to register for HYROX events before the general public.

Event Hosting Opportunities: Depending on the size of your gym, partners may also have the chance to host local HYROX events. This is a great way to bring in additional revenue through event registration fees and merchandise sales.

HYROX Full Equipment List:

- Running Machine or space to run 1k: If your gym has enough space to run outside that's great, but a treadmill is a great alternative to save up on space. HYROX participants are required to run 1km between stations.

- SkiErg Machine: This is for the first station which requires a tough 1000m.

-Sled Push, Sled Track and Bumper Plates: This station requires a 50m sled push and the sled weight will vary between 102kg - 202kg. To help replicate this, a good quality sled and bumper plates work great. We also recommend a 100m sled track.

-Sled Pull: Similar to the Sled push , you will need the sled, sled track and bumpers but also a rope for this station.

-Rowing Machine: We recommend a Concept2 rower.

-Kettlebells: For the competition you need weights of 2 x 16kg, 2x 24kg , 2 x 32 kg for the Farmer's Carry.

-Sandbags: You will need 10kg, 20kg, 20kg, 30kg.

-Wall Balls: You will need 4kg, 6kg, 6kg, 9kg.

Making the Decision - Is it Right for You?:

Whilst there are many benefits to becoming a HYROX partner gym, it may not be the the best fit for every facility. We advise to consider the following before making your decision:

1. Is your equipment and gym space suitable to facilitate HYROX classes?
2. Is there enough space to host a smaller scaled down HYROX event?
3. Are your team/ members excited and enthusiastic about HYROX?
4. Will it enhance your gym's potential?

If you answered yes to these questions, then becoming a HYROX Partner Gym may be an excellent opportunity to expand your business. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the team if you have any questions.


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