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Delivery and returns

Delivery ​

We know that our business reputation is build on the full end to end experience. So we take every possible step to ensuring your gym equipment gets delivered to you in a timely and secure manner. 

Shipping costs

The costs of shipping are a big business overhead, unfortunately, couriers don't love working with us, big heavy gym equipment, so we are charged a premium. All shipping costs are offered to our customers equal to, or less than, the costs we incur. The banding is as follows:


<1kg = £0

1-5kgs = £4.95

5-25kgs = £6.95

25-50kgs = £14.95

50-99kgs = £24.95

99-149kgs = £34.95

149-250kgs = £44.95

250-500kgs = £54.95

500-1000kgs = £64.95

1000kg+ = £99.95

Shipping timelines 

We aim to dispatch all goods within 1 business day of the order. All our deliveries are put on a premium 24 hour service, so in theory, you should receive your orders within 2-3 days. However, we officially advise 3 - 5 working days to give ourselves some breathing space and equally, because couriers often miss their 24 hour window!

Our process

We individually package and reinforce every single order, each order is then reviewed and approved by the warehouse manager. Our couriers collect the items and scan them into the van. Here we lose control, but still have visibility, each morning the operations team view the status of each order, typically whether it was scanned into the hub, taken to the local hub near the customer or whether it's been delivered. 

We take every step to ensure the goods are well wrapped, whether that is adding additional wrap, bubble wrap, extra boxing or simply taping the edges carefully. However, there are times when goods get mis-handled by the couriers, this is extremely disappointing when this happens. 

If we have a period where we notice goods being damaged, or even worse, lost. We have calls with the courier account managers to ensure these route causes are ironed out. Every six months we review the various couriers we use, and look at alternatives to ensure we are always working with what is the best option for our business and our customers.


There are times when customers change their mind, or realise they ordered something too heavy for them. We accept returns within 14 days of receipt. We will provide a full refund if the goods are returned as they were, minus the courier fee as this is an external cost. 

The only exception to this is when it comes to certain clothing e.g. budgie smugglers, as this isn't hygienic.


If you are ever unhappy with any of your goods, please do get in touch with the team in writing to: where we will try to resolve any issues you have. 


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