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Our Commercial Model

Recharge is committed to shaking up the fitness sector. Our strategy is to behave differently, we have different ways of working and they won't be right for everyone. We encourage people not to overbuy kit, we want to see gym owners succeed, if we see opportunities to cut costs, or be smarter with space, we will tell you. We believe that by providing unparalleled service, we create true brand advocates who then drive our business. This strategy is working as the business goes from strength to strength, and this growth is largely due to the gym owners who we've helped, they then open up second, third, and fourth gyms, and we are their go-to partner.

Our model is somewhat unusual, however.

Helping you save money

Our model helps you reduce your upfront investment. We processed data on competitor quotes vs our quotes over 15 gyms, and we came in 37% cheaper on average. We streamline the gym equipment purchasing process, we take control and unlock the best rates from the best factories, saving you time and money.

Designing and building your space

We are passionate about designing and building beautiful and functional gyms. Whether it's a new Hyrox gym, a professional football club, or an office gym, we want to help you create something special that people love. We work with you from the initial kit list to the final bit of hoovering post-installation.

A long-lasting partnership

We are pretty selective about who we work with, we have a team of specialists who are busy, and we are fortunate to be in a position where we can choose who we work with. When we decide to help a new gym launch, we go all in. We view this as a partnership and are in it for the long hall.

Our Unique Commercial Model

We bespoke produce equipment specifically for new gyms. We work with the same top five factories in China, and have a small China-based team who negotiate the best rates, overseas China end quality testing. We fill a 20-tonne shipping container specifically with your equipment, it lands in the UK and we get it installed. We don't need to spend £££ advertising, we don't need to store equipment for months on end, we save £££ at all stages, and we simply pass this saving on. This enables us to provide the best equipment, at the best prices.

Makes sense, but what's the catch?

In the spirit of total transparency (something we are big on), we are very selective with who we work with and who this model is for. If you need kit tomorrow, please just buy it from the website. To qualify for this model and the benefits, you need to be spending over £20,000 and be happy to wait 12 weeks. You'll also need to be someone we want to work with, there is a lot of organisation required on our end, so having someone who is entrepreneurial, focused and responsive is really important. When we are making bespoke sled tracks or bespoke rigs for example, we need you to be on hand to sign designs off, once production starts, any big changes can be challenging.

We have used this model countless times and it really works. Ideally, you'd need a 25% deposit or we can introduce our finance partners if you are looking to fund the whole project. We'd also much prefer it if you've found or secured a unit already.

If you've got a new launch planned, please get in touch today.


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Case Studies

Winners Fitness
Group Training and PT Studio

Creation of a new boutique gym in Archway, the home of super-experienced PT Jermaine, who will be running his training, group training and events in this new gym-based home!

Budget: £18k
Location: Peckham, London
Client Feedback: ""You've been amazing, we love our gym and the bespoke rig is an amazing feature, thanks again"

Private PT studio
Max Clementson

England Rugby Sevens Player Max trains hard on and off the pitch. Max wanted to create a purpose-built home gym for personal use and training clients. He invested in some top kit that makes the most of his garden room gym.

Budget: £8k
Location: Oxford
Client Feedback: "It's outstanding. You are legends, I'm buzzing."

Hyrox Gym

Expansion of the MZ9 brand. MZ9 were looking at adding a new Hyrox gym in Kent. We worked closely with them to launch this beautiful space which will focus on Hyrox training and events.

Budget: £38k
Location: Kent
Client Feedback: ""The service and quality has been great, we look forward to working with you on the next MZ9 gym"

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