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Gym Flooring Guide

Nothing quite transforms the aesthetic of a gym like gym flooring. New gym flooring will have a huge impact. Whether you have a garage gym and are currently using horse mats, or you’re a large commercial unit with battered, grubby gym floor, or perhaps you're launching a new space altogether; we've got you covered. The top grade gym flooring at exceptional prices.

Top Quality

Elevate your workout space with our premium gym flooring, crafted for unparalleled durability and performance.

Best Value

Discover unbeatable value without compromising on quality with our range of cost-effective gym flooring solutions.

Honest Service

Experience peace of mind with our transparent and reliable service, dedicated to meeting your gym flooring needs with integrity and care.

We use the very best rubber for maximum performance. Our gym flooring lasts, it outperforms other brands considerably. The 1m x 1m cuts are precision made (evidenced by our 1% tolerance acceptance level/commitment vs the industry average 2%). No bad odours, no crumbling tiles, no slippery surfaces, no misshapen tiles after 3 months! We invest in quality.

We do not believe we will ever be beaten on price, certainly not on like-for-like gym flooring. We will often pre-order flooring in for customers as we cannot keep up with demand due to our superior value. This does occasionally cause us stock issues as it sells fast. However, we aim to have re-stocks on a fortnightly rolling basis.

We will always recommend what is right for you. We don't do upselling, if anything, we downsell as gyms often have an overinflated recommendations which are way over the top and unnecessarily expensive. This is about finding the right flooring for you, not for us. We provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your gym flooring.


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