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We are constantly trying to create a healthier and fitter nation. It's at our core, we just so happen to sell great gym kit. Everything we do is geared around this, from a simple motivational post, to promoting excellent personal trainers, to full blown charity work to transform lives. Sometimes, we wrap this activity up into a fun campaign with making a positive impact at it's core.

No Excuses Campaign

We had the vision of creating a campaign that removed all the normal excuses for not succeeding in your fitness goals. We provided personal trainers, provided gym equipment, had accountability meetings, we helped with nutrition, we even brought in The Protein Works for some supplement support. Over 8 weeks, we transformed four people's lives. They lost weight, added muscle, and gained a hell of a lot of confidence.

Free gym installation in Tanzania.

We have been absolutely inspired by a young man named Eddie who trains over 50 people in a rural part of Tanzania. He does so much for the community, those in need, orphans, the deprived and gives them focus. We wanted to help Eddie so we sent him a gym and a load of Recharge goodies! They still train with wheels, and random bits of metal, but they also now have some great Recharge bars, plates, dumbbells etc.

Community workouts

This is something that provides us with a lot of enjoyment and it gets people active. They take various formats, we'd run free Friday live workouts, park runs, and activations at events like Bournemouth 7s, and make sure you follow us on social media to see where our next community workout is taking place. It's definitely something we plan to develop, more events, more people getting activity.

There is a new pandemic we are fighting.

We believe that the UK is in a precarious place; we have an ageing population, with an ever-increasing waistline. We've never had such a huge availability of unhealthy food options, combine this with the emergence of technology which can enable a more sedentary lifestyle, and then add in the huge amount of misinformation in the public space, it's really no surprise. Then you look at social media, it's full of cover models providing an unrealistic expectation of what you can individually achieve. It's no wonder we have a mental and physical well-being challenge, they go hand in hand.

What are Recharge doing about it?

Whilst we aren't going to change the world, we do believe that we can positively impact the UK population, we know we can and we have changed lives, we have got people back into fitness, we have helped people lose weight, we have enabled personal bests, improved confidence levels. Healthy habits and behaviours also aid mental health. Recharge Fitness was founded with a clear purpose: to revolutionise the fitness industry by providing top-quality equipment and fostering a healthier community. Established in 2010 by a group of fitness enthusiasts and engineers, our goal has always been to go beyond just selling equipment. We aim to inspire, educate, and encourage people to embrace active lifestyles. We hope you join us on the journey.

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Case Studies

Winners Fitness
Group Training and PT Studio

Creation of a new boutique gym in Archway, the home of super-experienced PT Jermaine, who will be running his training, group training and events in this new gym-based home!

Budget: £18k
Location: Peckham, London
Client Feedback: ""You've been amazing, we love our gym and the bespoke rig is an amazing feature, thanks again"

Private PT studio
Max Clementson

England Rugby Sevens Player Max trains hard on and off the pitch. Max wanted to create a purpose-built home gym for personal use and training clients. He invested in some top kit that makes the most of his garden room gym.

Budget: £8k
Location: Oxford
Client Feedback: "It's outstanding. You are legends, I'm buzzing."

Hyrox Gym

Expansion of the MZ9 brand. MZ9 were looking at adding a new Hyrox gym in Kent. We worked closely with them to launch this beautiful space which will focus on Hyrox training and events.

Budget: £38k
Location: Kent
Client Feedback: ""The service and quality has been great, we look forward to working with you on the next MZ9 gym"

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