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What Gym Flooring Do I Need?

There are just too many options when it comes to gym flooring. Literally hundreds of different sizes, cuts, finishes, types. At Recharge we believe it simplicity, we want to cut out the noise, and provide you with the information you need to find the right gym flooring for your own personal situation.

Choosing The Right Brand

Choosing the right brand for your gym flooring ensures you are getting the best value for money and optimal performance for your fitness space.

Choosing The Correct Tile

Selecting the right tile for your gym flooring needs to be suitable for the type of gym you have, ensuring durability, safety, and comfort during workouts.

Choosing The Right Finish

Opting for the ideal finish for your gym flooring not only enhances its functionality but also elevates its aesthetic appeal.

Gym flooring despite looking similar isn't all created equal. Take a 20mm SBR for example (which provides a perfect balance of commercial grade and excellent value). It's a popular and common product, but you need to make sure you're purchasing a high-quality gym floor tile. There are subtle differences in tile cut, finish, and durability. You want to invest in a 100% pure recycled sole rubber granule, without filters. You’ll see a lot of standard black rubber granule gym tiles (which also tend to have more of an odour) however, the 100% pure recycled sole rubber granule has better life duration, and there is a better bounce and impact absorption alongside sound reduction. This is probably less important for a home gym, but for commercial gyms, getting a top-grade tile is very much recommended. We believe in our gym products with only a 1% tolerance acceptance level in the sizing and value for money we believe our price point is the best around. Top quality and low level pricing.

98% of our recommended tiles are: 20mm SBR, 20mm EPDM, and 30mm EPDM. The EPDM tiles include a PU laminated rubber finish for added durability and a nice aesthetic alongside connector clips which are installed on the underside of the tile. We’d sell and recommend the 20mm based on value, however, when we are doing large-scale gym fit-outs for commercial gyms that tend to have over 2000 members, we often lean towards the 30mm spec. We won't be beaten on value on the 20mm or the 30mm and will always recommend the best solution for your space.

Our 20mm gym tiles are all 1m x 1m and are easy to fit.
Our 30mm gym tiles are typically 1m x 1m, but we do also offer a 0.5m x 1m option for large orders, or bespoke orders.

SBR or EPDM. It's a tough question. Is EPDM worth the extra money?

For us, the answer depends on your individual situation. SBR is a better value product, it'll last the test of time, it'll protect your floors and your weights, but EPDM is easier to clean, and it also looks great. If you have a particular brand colour (or just your favourite colour for the home market) the EPDM flecks do provide a bit of pop and can elevate the aesthetic of a gym. So if you are happy paying a bit more for more convenience (easier cleaning) and for a more contemporary finish (grey, white, coloured flecks) then go for it. If you want to keep things simple and reduce spend, SBR is your best bet. You've got two great options.


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