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Our Services

We are massively passionate about creating exceptional gyms. We want to shake up the sector; providing unparalleled service and top-quality kit with innovative ways of working. We want to help you reach your goals, whether your getting fit at home, want to provide top-class facilities for your sports team, you're a PT launching your first studio or you're scaling up the next big commercial gym chain, we are here for you.

Home/Garage Gyms

Professional footballers, rugby players, Olympians. Those looking to take their top training to a new level of convenience and performance, or those just getting started. Whether you just want some advice, or want us to plan and build your dream gym, we've got you!

Studios/Commercial Gyms

We love working with CrossFit boxes, Hyrox Gyms, PT's launching their first ever studio, and commercial gyms looking scale adding new units across the country. We love working with good people who give us the opportunity to make a difference. We are confident our consultative approach really puts you first and we create the right gym solution for you.

Design, Installation & Servicing

We've got the experience, talent and passion for creating high-performing gyms. A part of that is by providing great kit, but our capabilities go much further. We love to look after every element, from the initial design and consultation to the installation and then ongoing service. We don't just create amazing gyms, we form lifelong friendships and help gyms thrive.

Service is massive for us as a business. Our success has almost entirely been down to referrals and word of mouth. We believe that if you do an exceptional job people will talk about you, and this strategy seems to have worked: using the rugby market as an example, it's been incredible, having started with one premiership player, we've now worked players from England, Wales, Scotland, New Zealand, South Africa, Samoa, Tonga, Italy, at a range of premiership clubs, from pro clubs, semi-pro clubs, and amateur clubs. It's a great community, and the vast majority of our work has come from a recommendation.

We know that service is key, so we will always do what we can to look after you, this includes telling you to stop buying kit when we don't think you'll have space (this happens a lot). It's all about creating advocacy within the sector for us. Some of the sub-sectors we love working with:

  • The home market

  • Garage gym conversions

  • Sports teams and professionals

  • PTs and bootcamp providers

  • CrossFit, Hyrox and Group Training Gyms

  • Commercial enterprises

  • Businesses and schools

And we work with these amazing people in the following capacities:

  • We simply provide great kit

  • We design gyms

  • We install gyms

  • We install flooring

  • We service gyms


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Case Studies

Winners Fitness
Group Training and PT Studio

Creation of a new boutique gym in Archway, the home of super-experienced PT Jermaine, who will be running his training, group training and events in this new gym-based home!

Budget: £18k
Location: Peckham, London
Client Feedback: ""You've been amazing, we love our gym and the bespoke rig is an amazing feature, thanks again

Private PT studio
Max Clementson

England Rugby Sevens Player Max trains hard on and off the pitch. Max wanted to create a purpose-built home gym for personal use and training clients. He invested in some top kit that makes the most of his garden room gym.

Hyrox Gym

"Expansion of the MZ9 brand. MZ9 were looking at adding a new Hyrox gym in Kent. We worked closely with them to launch this beautiful space which will focus on Hyrox training and events.

Budget: £38k
Location: Kent
Client Feedback: ""The service and quality has been great, we look forward to working with you on the next MZ9 gym"""

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