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We offer gym flooring installation and gym installation nationwide. There is nothing we love more than looking after our projects from conception through to launch, so get in touch with our team today to plan your instal.

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150+ reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

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5 x award winners from 2021 onwards. With more to come.

Trusted by Olympians, England Rugby stars, Football icons, and elite competitors. 

We've supported hundreds of international superstars. 

Our team have years of installation experience ranging from small private homes to huge commercial gyms (and everything in between). There are three main types of gym installation jobs we tend to take on:

1.) Private home (those time-poor, converting a garage, office room, or new build shell into a fully functioning and beautiful gym).

2.) Flooring installations (as one of the UK's premier gym flooring provides, we often go out to gyms, studios or homes to install gym flooring).

3.) Large-scale commercial installations (Crossfit boxes, Hyrox gyms, Commercial Gyms and Studios).

Our Charge Model:
For all our installation jobs we provide bespoke quotes. Typically we calculate costs based on distance driven (call-out fee) and the job it self (a day rate x number of installers). In terms of flooring, this is based on the call-out fee and the installation per sqm.

The call-out fee is calculated based on the total mileage from BS83TP (Recharge HQ) to the install destination and back. We use Google Maps to calculate this distance in advance, if there are detours we of course absorb this.

Our quote generally includes rubber product removal i.e. leftover/excess tiles cuts. If we need to remove pallets/other materials please let us know prior as this may affect vehicle selection and depending on volume a £25 charge to be agreed.

There is also a multiplier applied to total costs for the following scenarios, this is 10% for each:
Complex layout, typically with lots of internal pillars or a very irregular shape i.e curved walls.
If we are required to carry out the work out of standard working hours
And/or the job location is in an incredibly remote location or is based within the m25.

Carrie P, Converted Offices to Gym Space.

The brief. Create a gym that utilises the space efficiently so that they can have a gym space for the offices at this incredible site. The installation was set to be a challenge due to it being a barn conversion, with lots of uneven floors, irregular edges, old features.

The solution: Recharge headed up North to Preston to install over 125 tiles across two rooms, build gym equipment and get everything ready so the team could start using their space. We ensured there was a straight-edge finish on the flooring to overcome the uneven Cotswold stone wall challenge, we went for a classical black SBR tile which sets off the gym nicely against the incredible building features such as the oak beams and stone.

Carrie says "Really good, great job on the flooring and gym kit"


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