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Bespoke Gym Equipment

Bespoke Branded Equipment for Your Gym

Google & Trustpilot Rating

Averaging at 4.95/5

150+ reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

Award Winning Gym Equipment

Prestige Gym Equipment Brand of the Year

5 x award winners from 2021 onwards. With more to come.

Trusted by Olympians, England Rugby stars, Football icons, and elite competitors. 

We've supported hundreds of international superstars. 

We love creating custom solutions for the gyms we work with. Whether that's a totally bespoke rig to perfectly fill your space, or something as simply as a branded sled track, we have solutions to help you make your space that little bit extra special.

Our custom design and production of gym equipment covers the following areas:

- Rig design for your gym: Custom brand your rig, pick and choose the metal thickness, the number of bays, and your attachments. We provide bespoke rigs for CrossFit, HYROX, Studios, Boxing Gyms, Sports Clubs throughout the UK.

- Sled tracks: One of our most popular selling items, we work with you to design a sled track that works for your space. Choose the length and width of the track, choose the colours, whether you want to add lanes, meter markings, logo positioning. We bespoke produce the highest quality sled tracks for UK gyms.

- Adding branding to equipment: It's nice seeing the brand you've created all over your kit, it adds an element of luxury and professionalism to your gym. From balls, boxes, dumbbells and plates, we can work with you to create branded products.

To discuss bespoke branded gym products, please get in touch. Certain products will have minimum quantities when bespoking kit, and the lead time is typically 12 weeks depending on the product.

MZ9 Gym:

Built a HYROX Gym from scratch with bespoke rigs and branded items throughout. The rig needed to have 5 bays to fit their space with branded sandbags, wallballs and plyo boxes to help showcase this growing brand in the best possible light.

MZ9's second gym launched with great success and the gym looks absolutely brilliant.


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