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Gym Flooring FAQS

We typically get asked the same questions on a regular basis, so we've decided to get an FAQ section together to save you some time. However, we do love having a chat so do get in touch with us if you'd like us to answer anything else, or to gain further detail. Just jump on live chat.

  • How are shipping costs calculated?
    Great question. How we will bill shipping has changed over the years, we've always tried to cover some of our courier costs by passing on a percentage of their delivery charge, but it varies not only by location but by product weight and shape. Courier fees aren't cheap, but we've made a business decision to absorb some of the shipping costs to make it more affordable to our customers. Take a pallet for example, pallets cost us anywhere from £75 - £145 per pallet, yet we charge £49.95 for orders over 250kg. To provide a guide around the simplified banding and to help you optimise your order: <1kg = £0 1 - 25kgs = £5.95 25 - 50kgs = £10.95 50 - 75kgs = £15.95 75 - 100kgs = £20.95 100 - 150kgs = £25.95 150 - 250kg = £35.95 Orders 250kg+ = £49.95 Orders over £1500 = free shipping
  • Why did Recharge Fitness start?
    The founding members have and always will love the fitness industry and the gym. One of the team built a home gym and had all sorts of challenges finding a good reliable supplier of high quality kit. The other founder has spent years working with children to develop their physical and mental wellbeing. Recharge was set up to provide energy to a sector that has been neglected. To create a fitter and healthier nation. Our goal is to become the UKs number 1 gym equipment brand.
  • When will my gym equipment arrive?
    This does depend on what you have bought. We generally have three types of order: - Standard - these are products in stock, we aim to dispatch them the next day, with a 1-3 day delivery service, to manage expectations and to allow for potential delays, we suggest allowing for 3 - 5 days delivery from order. - Preorder - with preorders we clearly list the dispatch date in the product title or state it's a pre-order. It's not something we like doing but we know it's something you value for popular packages which sell out fast. Delivery is likely to be a few days after dispatch. - Commercial - typically for £20,000+ orders, we bespoke produce products for your gym launch. For these commercial customers, we tend to work to an 8-12 week lead time.
  • Can I collect my order to avoid delivery fees?
    Yes! Delivery of gym equipment can be expensive, especially if you are ordering heavy weights. At the current point in time, we do support collections. Our head office and warehouse is: Recharge Fitness, Manor Farm, Green Lane, Failand, BS83TP. If you select a collection option, you will receive your confirmation email. We will then make contact with you once your order is ready via email and/or phone call to arrange a pick up. Please don't turn up unannounced without having already agreed a meeting/collection; often we will have staff on gym installation jobs, at meetings or on deliveries so to avoid disappointment, please book ahead.
  • How do I change my shipping address?
    These things happen, it's no problem. Just send an email to quoting your order number from the email address used to make your order, let us know your prefered address and providing it isn't already in transit, we'll be able to get this updated.
  • What is your returns policy?
    We proivde a standard returns policy. Online buyers have rights and we will absolutely cater for these. In short, you have 14 days to cancel (a cooling off period) once the goods are received, then a further 14 days to return the goods to us at your expense. The returns need to be as new. You will get a refund on your items but shall be liable for shipping costs as per our t's and c's.
  • What if i want to cancel my order?
    Obviously we'd like to keep your customer, however, if you want to cancel we can offer a refund. As a part of our t's and c's we maybe need to keep the delivery fee depending on where we are in the delivery cycle, but we will of course give you a full refund on the goods if they are in our control.
  • Have the barbells been properly load tested?
    All of our bars have been tested thoroughly in the factory. This stress testing is an important safety measure, our maximum weight recommendations are based around safety. In fact we have tested these at higher levels but it's important we lean on the side of caution. Our 20kg Olympic bar has a maximum recommended load of 680kg which even the world strongest man atheletes won't be getting near. Our 15kg barbell has a maximum recommended load of 450kgs. In short, they are very safe and robust. It's worth noting that they are 8 bearing too so great quality all round.
  • What are Recharge Fitness dumbbells made out of?
    Good question. We supply solid cast hex dumbbells, these are then encased in rubber to protect you, your floor and the weights themselves. The handles are solid metal chrome which has contours, to help provide a sturdy, steady grip.
  • I can't find the products I'm looking for?
    If you are struggling to find the products you are looking for, let us know. Try using the filters on the shop to narrow down your search, if you find the product but it isn't buyable, it will likely be out of stock (and should say so), worst case we simply don't stock what you're after. With that said, if we get regular requests for certain products, we will look into the prospect of expanding our offering, so do let us know. For commercial customers, we often bespoke produce products for their space, we don't list everything on the website, so do talk to us and ask the question if you'd like a specific piece of equipment which you can't find.
  • Who is Recharge Fitness for?
    Our customes are a mixed bunch with a common interest in improving physical condition. Our b2b customers include gyms, crossfit studios, bootcamp providers, a couple of high profile sports teams, and other gym equipment brands who sell our products. Roughly 75% of our business is the general public including sports stars, TV personalities, fitness models, gym fantatics and those just looking to lose a bit of weight. It's a mixed bag. If you're looking for good quality equipment from a brand who are trying to make a positive difference and create a real fitness community, we hope Recharge are perfect for you.
  • My question isn't listed, what can I do?"
    We'd love to hear it and to help, just send an email to or get in touch via social.
  • Do you offer installation services?
    This is definitely something we can offer. Typically we tend to install flooring, or flooring and gyms. The majority of these installs are for commercial gyms, but we do have the privilege of working with the luxury home and sports star market who typically want us to come along, get everything set up and create a dream gym. Installation costs vary, by the size, nature, complexity and location of jobs. Our HQ is in Bristol, so we use this as the central point to calculate call-out fees. We do installations around the UK, but an installation in Cardiff, or London for example, is going to be cheaper than an installation in Edinburgh due to the distance the Recharge team are set to travel.
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