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Building a longstanding relationship

As a brand our growth is largely thanks to our loyal customers; both private and commercial. In the early days we benefitted from referrals from football and rugby stars, as we transitioned to commercial customers we have been fortunate to establish some great relationships. There was no real strategy, we just really care about our customers, we do a good job and our customers tell others and stay loyal! However, this is now a key part of our strategic focus; we build long-lasting relationships that grow. We love nothing more than working with a talented PT and helping them launch their first-ever studio, staying in touch, providing advice, helping where we can to help drive their business success and then opening second, third and fourth units. Our highest volume clients have between 3 and 15 gyms and provide us with regular projects, we are essential to their profitable growth and in turn, they are key to our own success.

If you're an independent gym with big ambitions we'd love to hear from you. With excellent gym kit at a very good price point, we can certainly help aid your expansion plans. Here are some of the brands we've loved working with who are destined for big things. 

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