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Lockdown madness v2

It's happened again, a real blow to the UK public, our economy and people like us, who just want to stay fit and healthy. Lockdown v2 is here.

However, we need to stay strong and we need to stay positive. The previous lockdown was a real challenge, as a business our supply chain was put under pressure, but we are well prepared this time around and will have plenty of stock to go around for everyones fitness focused Xmas gift purchasing! The prospect of going into another lockdown is too much for many to fully process. The mental wellbeing of the public is going to be put under strain. Is the impact of going into isolation greater than the impact of not...perhaps. It's not for us to say, but we have our own view.

We can't control this, we can't stop this second lockdown happening, but individually what we can control is how we deal with this isolation and tricky period. I genuinely believe that those who commit to exercising and getting outdoors when they can, will stay in the best possible shape...physically but also mentally.

Here are 3 easy things you can do during lockdown that I believe will make a huge difference.

  1. Write down a goal. It's a 30 day period. That's not a long time in the grand scheme of things, but it's certainly long enough to make an impact. What are you going to achieve in this 30 day period? Think about it, and right it down. Is it a 24 minute 5km? Is it bench pressing 120kg? Is it doing your first 100kg deadlift? Is it about tracking calories for a whole month? Whatever it is, don't just think it, write it down, share it, tag us @recharge_fit on Instagram, keep yourself accountable.

  2. Morning walks. Rain or shine, get out there, each and every day. Just 10 minutes, it'll make the world of difference to you. Why? You'll burn some calories, you'll mentally prep for the day, you'll get much needed Vitamin D, it reduces anxiety, helps with your circadian rhythm and therefore improves sleep later on.

  3. Adaptation focused workouts. It's easy to go through the motions, when you're in a routine, you do the same thing each time. For those who use a gym, you probably do the same exercises, in the same order, with the same rep range. Sound familiar? Routine can create boredom and a lack of progress. But with COVID and the related lockdown, routine is ruined. Make the most of this, work out in a new place (probably home/garage), do new exercises, completely change the order that you do things, change the rep range, used to doing 12 reps? Do heavy and do 5 reps, then go light and do 20 reps, keep the body guessing. If you can work out 3 times a week, lifting weights and focus on causing adaptation by challenging yourself in a different way, you will see results.

Lockdown sucks, but let's not dwell on it, instead, let's hold each other accountable, let's make some goals, keep active and force ourselves to come out of lockdown in better condition than before.


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All about this! Times like this we can either get caught up in the negativity and frustration or we can use it for a transformation. Up to us to choose which one, I know how I’m going to focus my time! What this space... 👀

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