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Dreaming of a better 2021

Survived 2020? Great, well done. Genuinely. Well done to you. It's been a brutal year, worse than we could have all expected. There are positives to take, I'd like to think that as a nation we place an even greater value on friends, family, loved ones. We now have a greater appreciation for the basic things we've taken for granted, like the gym. More gratitude in life can only ever be a good thing.

People are having to be proactive with their health and wellness, physically improving your wellbeing drastically reduces COVID effects, but furthermore, we've seen a huge shift in appreciation of the fact that exercise massively effects mental wellbeing. Being stuck at home and unable to exercise is a recipe for disaster. Our followers, our customers, they prioritise their health, it's amazing to see, we are absolutely committed to helping more people refocus their goals to incorporate health and wellbeing.

What does 2021 have in store? I'm optimistic, although in truth, I thought that COVID was a glorified cold blown out of proportion and boy did I get that wrong!

So rather than risk another poor prediction, here is what I'm hoping for.

Better work life balances. It's so easy to overcommit your time, to stay an extra hour, to send emails from bed when you wake up. Time is precious. Spend it in ways you won't regret.

The UK public investing in their health. Exercise and eat well, it's not that difficult. If you do, you'll save yourself so many problems, you'll gain energy, you'll save our NHS millions, literally millions, in avoidable costs/time/effort spent on helping the public overcoming avoidable health issues.

More live sport, ability to eat out, shopping. Whatever floats your boat, when we can, when it's safe, go and do it, do it big. It supports the economy, it's good for the soul. We all have lots of making up for lost time.

Ability to explore. Travel is a big part of my life. I feel culturally enriched, mentally refreshed and physically recharged. I really hope that we can get out there and explore in 2021!

Public unity. We are all in this together, internal frustrations manifest themselves publicly. Let's pull together, let's show each other support. Whether that is helping friends lose weight, supporting local businesses, breaking down social barriers, or our government pulling together to create a better nation rather than bickering and tearing each-other down.

I think in many facets of life, 2021 can and should be a new start, a fresh start. Whether that is nationally, socially, or individually, 2021 is full of opportunity. You can make a difference. You can make an impact.

So why not start with you. What are you going to do individually, what are your goals? The power of writing down your goals, sharing them socially, is huge. Having that focus, that clarity and social accountability will drive results.

We are committed to helping more of you than ever, so share your plans with us!

One of the big things we are super excited about at Recharge Fitness HQ, it's our #noexcuses campaign. We are providing 4 lucky people with an all encompassing 8 week programme which includes gym equipment, clothing, top level personal training, nutritional planning, protein and supplementation....all for free. With all bases covered, we are super excited to see what results these 4 people will get. We also hope their progress will help inspire a nation, it will show us what is possible when we are accountable and have the right support structures in place.

So we are cautiously looking forward to 2021, it can't be much worse now can it! If you're reading this you clearly made your way through 2020 and that was brutal.

As a business we have some big plans, we've got some truly exceptional kit in production which will be landing in early 2021 which we cannot wait to share with you. We are going to continue to do our bit, individually and collectively, that's all we can ask.

We know there are going to be some bumps in the road for the UK again this year, starting in tier 4 isn't ideal, but we will pull together, and we will rebuild.

Now go and get those goals written down! 2021 is the year of progress.

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