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Interview with Prep Kitchen Managing Partner

Recharge Fitness Director, Ryan sat down with Will from Prep Kitchen to talk about the business, their passion, and commercial model that is making a huge impact on the fitness industry.

Before we get into the interview, I'd be the first to admit that whilst my training is consistently on point, my diet is absolutely not. I've got balance, I train, and I eat hard in equal measure, I'm in 'decent shape', but I by no means have rippling abs, this is purely down to diet. Exercise, fitness and strength training is an enjoyable part of my lifestyle, so too are doughnuts.

Full disclosure, I've personally used Prep Kitchen, and I have for convenience (and because they are tasty). For me, a prep service like Prep Kitchen is particularly useful when you're looking to control calories to trim off a little fat, or when you have a busy lifestyle and when you're working away. Last week, we had four of the team working on an urgent gym install. Now hands up, I wasn't particularly organised, I didn't 'prep' my own meal at home, so this would have left me with the nearby food options which were Maccy D's and Starbucks. However, rather than enjoying a Big Mac, we had a balanced Buffalo Chicken Mac n Cheese meal - a 672 kcal hit, with an impressive 59g of protein!

(Buffalo mac and cheese)

This is not an advert, it is a brand we like, and one worth showcasing a little, in a world of fads, magic pills, and instant ab diets, Prep Kitchen provide a genuinely helpful offering.

The interview with Will >>>

Hi Will, so tell us (as if we don't already know), what is Prep Kitchen?

At Prep Kitchen, creating tasty food that is nutritionally balanced is our passion. We’re challenging the status quo that ‘clean eating’ needs to be bland and basic. Instead, we’re normalising nourishing, delicious food that fuels your body so you can be the best version of you. Our dishes are bursting with flavour and lovingly prepared by our in-house chefs. With a mission to reduce waste and care for the environment, our boxes and coolants are fully recyclable and delivered straight to your door with our co2 neutral courier. Health never tasted this good and our mission is to make healthy eating easy and accessible for everyone. We deliver fresh, nutritious and affordable meals direct to our subscribers, every week. No shopping, no cooking, no washing up. Just great tasting food that’s scientifically balanced to fuel your body in the best possible way.

I've tried it and can vouch for the taste! So why did you start Prep Kitchen?

We are food lovers, so much so weight gain came naturally to us through over indulgence as we got into our late twenties. With busy schedules, we searched for a meal prep solution to help us lose some weight and was shocked to find such limited options. Dieting does NOT have to be boring and the plain chicken, rice and broccoli offerings were not acceptable to us as foodies and quite frankly impossible to adhere to. We wanted to eat foods that we craved whilst still achieving our goals so combining my 10 years of kitchen experience and Mark's extensive nutritional knowledge we started creating recipes. Since inception, both of us have been on a successful weight loss journey and now we have a real passion for helping others reach their goals too.

What type of people tend to use Prep Kitchen?

The workaholic, a doctor on a night shift, a new parent, a gym goer, Team GB Olympians... We appeal to people from all walks of life who are time strapped, health conscious and enjoy eating good food.

How do you think the meals taste? Come on now, be honest!

Our development chef and the team have Michelin backgrounds, honestly, they are wizards and the food we are creating here is delicious with super macros to match.

What's your favourite meal? I've got my own fave!

A tough one, but my personal favourite would have to be the buffalo mac and cheese. It's exactly the type of meal which made us start this business, one which does not sound healthy, doesn't taste healthy but in fact is low calorie and high in protein!

(Ryan is a fan of the Jerk chicken, closely followed by the red thai curry).

(Jerk Chicken)

How can people get involved? (Come now, give the Recharge audience a perk).

Go on then! We're offering recharge customers an exclusive 33% off their first purchase order. Simply use 'Recharge33' at checkout.

Cheers Will, interesting stuff. Also we appreciate the offer to give our audience a bit of a discount! I love how the business isn't just about restricting diets to achieve results, flavour and balance are imperative to the business. It's no surprise business is booming.

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