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Commercial Proposition

At Recharge, it's our mission to shake up the fitness industry with positive effect. But to make an impact you have to operate differently.

We found that we were coming up against the same few brands, which we respect, but it was infuriating when we work with the same factories as some of these 'big boys' but they charge 30% more. Whilst our price point is very competitive, we don't have the same stock levels, this affects our ability to scale and our ability to help those launching their own gyms, or expanding their gym portfolio. So we looked at investment and received two very good offers, however, our visions didn't align. We want to keep our prices affordable, and we want to see more gyms launch, but we want to be selective, we want to work with good people, and independent gyms who we feel we can genuinely make a big difference to.


Ambition to make a big impact. But without investment, we couldn't truly scale. So we had to create a unique commercial model to drive commercial sales; a model which has been hugely effective both for our customers, and our brand. Check out our short explainer video.


Fancy having a chat about launching a new gym utilising our unique model?

You just need to ensure you comply with the following 3 qualifying criteria:

  • Have secured a unit/are at advanced stages of negotiation.

  • Have a clear understanding of funds with a 10% deposit sorted (regardless of whether you are self funding or using our finance options).

  • Are super organised! Last minute U turns on what kit you want is a nightmare to manage.

If you do qualify, we'd love to hear from you.

Please reach out to director Ryan on or call us on 0330 043 4554

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