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Nikita Nuttall

Female, postnatal specialist.


Nikita aka Stay Strong Mumma is, (shock) a strong mum! Strong both in terms of being fit, physically, and mentally. She is a single mum to! She is a super passionate personal trainer with studios in Braintree and Chelmsford.

All her clients are women, and she provides training face to face, or online. Whatever, works best for you.

Nikita thrives of working closely with postnatal women, she understands the mindset, the hormones and post pregnancy bodies, both from research, qualifications and first hand experience.

Low self esteem, she has you covered. Back pain post pregnancy, no problem. Wanting to get back in shape and strong, you'll be in good hands with Nikita.

Ideal Client? Women looking to lose fat and get strong.


Essex | F2F and Online

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