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Flora Cryer

Holistic wellbeing coach.


Knowledgable, passionate and focused on holistic lifestyle changes to provide longterm results. It's not about making a quick buck and short term relationships. Flora, a twin, works with her clients to change not just their body but their life. 

She specialises in this holistic management; creating training plans, providing nutrition advise and keeping you accountable.  

We have had the fortunate of working with Flora, one part of 2TwinFit, as a part of our #noexcuses campaign. Her clients had remarkable transformations over the 8 week period and both kept working with Flora.

"Our online coaching isn’t about getting better than someone else, it’s about getting better than you currently are. Using our knowledge and personal experience we will help you get the best results. We offer completely personalised, easy-to-follow programmes tailored to your goals, preferences and current fitness levels.

Your 1-1 Coaching Programme will be accessible through an app, which you can access anywhere at any time, and there will be exercise video demonstrations for every workout. We will also create a flexible nutrition plan for you, containing 40+ meal ideas to fit your goals and preferences.

We will both provide you with twice the accountability and twice the support to ensure you are on track and achieving sustainable, long-term results. The only side effect will be falling in love with yourself. "

Ideal Client? Well-being, lifestyle led. Long term sustainable change.


Bristol | Online Coach

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