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Wrapping up a crazy month at Recharge Fitness HQ

What a month April has been from a trading perspective, it's no real surprise given the challenging position we all find ourselves in. Locked up, isolated, and no one placing a single foot in or even near a gym.

We sold out of our relatively modest April batch rather quickly, we've gained some positive feedback and have a huge shipment on the way to our workshop as we speak. Rather than follow the route of many providers, we've maintained our price point, in the hope that the public thank us by investing in some great equipment, and they have. So much so that some of the pre-order shipment has already sold out, we are officially out of 20kgs kettlebells but rest assured, we've listened and have a tonne (nearly literally) of goodies being manufactured as I type. As soon as it's ready, it'll be on its way over. This will include 18kgs, 20kgs but also 24kg kettlebells as requested by a fair few of our customers.

Furthermore, we are extending our range, Recharge Fitness is known for high quality dumbbells, kettlebells, benches and racks, but it's time to increase this offering which feels like a scary but exciting move and one we know our customers want us to take.

We've seen a huge boost in female customers and from conversations with those of you who we've had the pleasure of chatting to, we have lots of customers who are new to the (home) 'gym'. It's amazing to see, and to know that we can provide for a more health and exercise conscious public is great. We hope this renewed interest carries above and beyond this long period of isolation.

Heavy weights will always have a role to play in the Recharge fitness offering, 60kg dumbbells are weight that many can only dream to lift (myself included), however, we are also looking to balance this with the introduction of some smaller weights, beginner sets, lighter weights plates, medicine balls, yoga matts, resistance bands and much more. It's coming soon, so watch this space.

Keep safe people, now is the time that we need to stay at home more than ever before, we are slowly starting to get on top of things, keep up the good work, and keep in good health (and this includes exercising!).

Ryan x

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