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Why working out in front of your kids is important (and not a selfish investment of your time).

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Making time for the gym isn't a selfish activity as a father (or mother - we've just written this for fathers day). You working out helps ensure your kids get peak condition dad (or mum), a focused parent, a parent that can play around, and is there, healthy for the long run.

There are many benefits to children watching you workout in the gym too. A great reason to invest in your home gym. Here are just a few:

  • They learn by example. When they see you making time for fitness, they'll be more likely to want to do the same. Health and fitness becomes a positive part of their identity just like it is yours.

  • They see that exercise is fun. If you make your workouts fun and engaging, your kids will be more likely to want to join in.

  • They learn about healthy habits. You can teach your kids about the importance of eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated. Healthy behaviours reinforce further more healthy behaviours, creating a healthy person.

  • They get to spend time with you. Working out together can be a great way to bond with your kids and create lasting memories.

  • They learn about self-discipline. When they see you setting goals and working hard to achieve them, they'll learn the importance of self-discipline.

  • They learn about different types of exercise. You can introduce your kids to different types of exercise, such as cardio, strength training, and yoga.

  • They learn about safety in the gym. You can teach your kids about the proper way to use gym equipment and how to avoid injuries.

  • You can teach them that bicep curling in the squat rack is not okay. ITS NOT COOL, it doesn't matter if you are 45, 25 or just 5!

Here are some tips for working out in the gym with your kids:

  • Choose a gym that is child-friendly. Some gyms have designated areas for kids to play, while others offer childcare services.

  • Or build a home gym which is kid-friendly. This is more accessible and your children can be inspired by your action on a regular basis.

  • Start with short workouts. Don't try to do too much too soon. Start with short workouts and gradually increase the duration and intensity as your kids get older.

  • Make it fun. Choose activities that your kids will enjoy. You can try playing games, dancing, or doing yoga. Children also love a challenge, my particular favourite, a dead hang. Put a 30 second timer on and see if they can hold themselves up for that duration. Just make sure you are ready to catch them if they drop.

  • Be patient. It may take some time for your kids to get used to working out in the gym. Be patient and encouraging, and they'll eventually come around.

Working out in the gym with your kids can be a great way to promote healthy habits, bond as a family, and have some fun. So get moving and start setting a good example for your kids today!

At Recharge we aren't safety experts and we aren't wanting you to risk anyones health. So here are some additional safety tips to keep in mind when working out in the gym with your kids:

  • Always supervise your kids closely.

  • Make sure they know the proper way to use the equipment.

  • Teach them how to spot each other.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for other people.

  • If your kids are young, you will literally need eyes in the back of your head, gyms encourage healthy behaviours but they are full of potential hazards, so please be careful.

So keep being an amazing parent, and keep using the gym, these two things can and should go hand in hand. Kids learn by example, be that example and have fun with it.

Super parent
Super parents workout in front of their kids.

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