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2020 Gym Retailer of the year | Winners

Well this certainly wasn't something we expected to win, not because we aren't great, but we aren't one of the big boys, well, not yet. There are gym equipment businesses out there turning over mega millions, they have globally recognised brands, four figure workforces and a delivery network that we cannot compete with. However, no one can rival us for giving a sh!t. We care. We really care. Recharge Fitness have the ambition of becoming the UK's favourite gym retail brand. We are on our journey to number 1, but this success isn't based on revenue, it's not based on sales, it's about trying to make an impact.

We are here to support you, whether you're a new crossfit gym, an international sportsman, a female bodybuilder, or perhaps you'r converting a garage gym, or maybe, just maybe, you've gained a couple of isolation pounds and are looking for some friendly advice. These are all examples of our real customers, and for all, we want to help you meet your goals, be that a great looking gym, gaining some muscle, losing a bit of weight, gaining new PT clients etc. It's not about equipment, it's about community and it's about connection, it's about helping you hit your goals.

For the Prestige awards, we won gym retailer of the year based on our ability to connect with customers, our messages of support, keeping people accountable, our motivating Insta posts AND of course our great equipment. We just wanted to say a big thank you from the Recharge Fitness team, we look forward to continuing our journey to no1, and more importantly, helping more of you meet your goals.

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