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We are going to change lives. We'd love your help. 

Recharge Fitness have the purpose of making the UK a fitter and healthier nation, yes we make great quality gym equipment, but everything we do ladders up to making a positive impact on society. Whether that is inspiring, educating, motivating others ALONGSIDE providing great gym kit! 


We have now have an opportunity to make a positive impact on a global level. A guy who has inspired us. 


Meet Eddie Mbwedo Bwizo Beiby

Eddie lives in Tanzania, he trains 47 people, it’s his passion, and he does so with very limited equipment. Spare wheels, random bits of metal and stones. He is in great shape, and inspires locals to lift, to challenge themselves. He is making an impact. 


So we want to help Eddie. That’s why Recharge are creating a bundle of over £1000 worth of goods to be sent to Tanzania. We are crowdfunding the courier costs. 

The Challenge ​

Collectively we want to burn half a million calories, that's 142lbs of body weight fuel, 10 stone! It's a big ask, but together we can do this. We want to burn those calories, upload the proof, tag and challenge our friends, and raise money for a great cause. 


Workout and record your calories


Upload proof and tag us

Instagram: @recharge_fit 

Facebook: @rechargefitnessuk 


Tag 3 friends to the challenge


We add your score to the total calories burnt figure.


Donate £5 to



Feel amazing about yourself! 

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