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It's all about those incremental gains. Small consistent progress, so you can keep that strict weightlifting form, but with progressive overload that will teach your muscles to adapt. 


We have 1.25kg change plates and 2.5kg change plates, a vital piece of gym equipment for all serious lifters.


Both plates fit olympic barbells, 2" diameters. 


All our plates are sold as pairs.

The 1.25kg & 2.5kg pairs come in their own individual box

Change Plates

PriceFrom £22.50
VAT Included
  • Dimensions: 

    • Plate Diameter: 21cm / 30cm
    • Plate Thickness: 2.5cm
    • Weight: 1.25kg / 2.5kg 


    • Classic Black Design
    • Bordered Edge
    • Fits Olympic Barbells (2 Inch)