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The new hamstring curl plate loaded machine from the popular Stealth Series. This sturdy low row has been created using 75mm x 75mm steel, it's a serious piece of gym equipment and a popular choice for larger commercial gyms.


We've designed this to really target the hamstrings, and often underdeveloped and underworked muscle group. As you squeeze in at the top range you'll get good hamstring and glute engagement, with the hamstrings really being challenged during a controlled eccentric phase.


All commercial plate loaded machines are rigorously tested and are built to last the test of time.


Key info

  • 1824mm x 1200mm x 1570mm
  • 75mm box section
  • Available in pure black
  • 98kg product weight

Hamstring Curl - Stealth Range

VAT Included
  • We offer a 30 day return policy if the product is found to be faulty.

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