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Are you ready to build your own private gym?

For many this is a pipeline dream, but if you have the budget, space and inclination you’ll no doubt be the envy of your friends. An easily accessible state of the art home gym is any fitness fanatic's ultimate property enhancement.


Whether it’s a fully kitted out garage, a dedicated fitness room, or a separate gym dwelling, we are here to help. Having worked with commercial gyms for full kit outs, leading athletes with bespoke needs, and plenty of celebs and members of the public who want to stay in tip top shape year round, we like to think we are the perfect option. 


Our home gyms tend to range from as little as £1,500 all the way up to £15,000. It all depends on the space you have available and how much kit you’d like. 


To provide an accurate quote, please supply our home gym team with the key information. 

Tell us about your dream home gym

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The Recharge Fitness team decked out my garage with all the equipment I required. I spend all day training clients but now have the set up at home for my own training. We have a large dumbbell collection racked along the wall, an impressive squat rack, adjustable bench, barbell and EZ bar with 200kg of bumper plates, a selection of kettlebells and a running machine. I've recommended Recharge to a number of my clients now. Great work.

Jamie English, PT. Garage kit out

Don't need a bespoke set up? 

We also have a range of package deals which are suitable for smaller home gyms. These typically require less lead time and include some great deals. If you cannot find what you need browse the shop to build your own package or get in touch.  

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