Our Why


Yes we sell great quality gym equipment. But our passion is helping people reach their health, fitness and body goals. That's our why. That's what motivates us. We want a happier, healthier nation. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of gym retailers, but very few make the impact to peoples lives that we do, that's what we love. Investing in community helps us make that difference. Whether you're looking for an incredible PT and want our recommendations, you need a helping hand getting into tip top shape, or just want the occasional motivation top up. We are here for you, and we'd like to think you are here for each other. It's all about community. 

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Recommended Personal Trainers

For us, it's about helping. We have had the privilege of getting to know, and working with, some seriously top rate personal trainers. Some specialise in online training, others F2F. Some are in the north, others the south. Male focused, women focused. Strength or aesthetic.  Check out our favourites. 

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Our latest thinking

The Recharge Fitness blog contains the latest thinking from the Recharge management team and guest bloggers. This ranges from top tips, to fitness insights, from business updates to tracking your macros. 

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Friends Exercising Together
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Fitness Forum

If you've got a question, the chances are there will be others in the same position. The forum is your chance to ask questions, it's also your chance to add value. We've all made mistakes throughout our training history, so why not share your experience and help others avoid the same pitfalls.