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We couldn't be more passionate about working out and keeping fit. The fitter and healthier our nation the better. We want to get people moving, exercising, lifting. Men and women, young and old. We are sure you want to look and feel great too, right? Of course you do, everyone does. But so few achieve it.

Getting started is the difficult bit, so make a pact today, today is the day. It can be daunting, it can be scary. You'll have good days and you'll certainly have bad days and that's okay. Focus on what you want, and commit yourself to making a positive change. 

So how do you actually get started? There is so much information out there, Instagram is full of physique models, everyone has an opinion, there are hundreds of get ripped quick guides, magic diets, superpower moves that will give you instant biceps, in short, there is a lot of rubbish. Listen carefully and understand this; it's not that complex, the rules aren't complicated, but that doesn't mean it will be easy.

Consistency, adherence and progressive overload.

Here are 3 formulas that we live by;

1.) Lift weights x eat well = positive results.
2.) Burn more energy than you consume = lose weight. 
3.) Progressively overload your training + have protein rich diet with slight calorie surplus = muscle gain.


We could talk for hours about diet, but this guide is about working out. For ease, and for new lifters, the following will be sufficient for now, ​just choose your goal (and note; it's much easier to choose one, rather than try to do both at the same time). 

  • Fat loss - aim for a 500 calorie deficit each day. 

  • Muscle gain - aim for a 300 calorie surplus each day. 

Onto the workout ideas, this works for both muscle building and fat loss.​

Friends Exercising Together
Personal Trainer


You're just getting started, so keep it simple. Each session you are going to workout your whole body. This will maximise your strength gains, calorie burn and equally will give you the biggest chance for recovery. ​

You will never work out lifting weights on back to back days. You'll aim for 3 days a week. You might want to do more, but there is no need. Go for a Monday, Wednesday, Friday structure, or a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday structure or whatever fits your lifestyle but give yourself that day off to recover. You'll want to be coming into each session fired up and not aching. 

You'll have 3 different workout sessions, each will challenge your different muscle groups, there will be consistency yet variety, so you know what you're doing, but don't get bored. 

Each workout should take around 45 minutes if you are resting for 60-90 seconds between sets.

Wedding Couple


Workout A - High rep

Workout B - Middle rep

Workout C - Circuits

  • Workout A - you will focus on a 15 rep range x 3 sets with 60 seconds between sets, for each of the following.

    • Goblet Squats

    • Incline dumbbell bench press

    • Banded pull up

    • Reverse dumbbell fly 

    • Tricep kick backs 

    • Seated bicep curl 

    • Note on your last set of each exercise aim to do 1 additional rep, if you complete it, increase the weight next week

  • Workout B - you will focus on a 8 rep range x 3 sets with 90 seconds between sets for each of the following

    • Barbell deadlift​

    • Barbell bench press

    • Bent over barbell row 

    • Military shoulder press (go light)

    • Barbell calf raise 

  • Workout C - you will do 6 exercises x 10 reps in a continuous circuit then repeat this circuit 3 times. 

    • Dumbbell press from the floor ​

    • Air squats 

    • Lateral raise
    • Sit ups 

    • Bicep curls

    • Leg raises

Gym Instructor
Image by Sergio Pedemonte
Image by Sergio Pedemonte

What kit do I need?

You don't need to go overboard. We've tried to keep it really simple. ​

We've tried to minimise the amount of equipment you need. There are always substitute exercises or variances to moves. For any home or garage gym, we'd recommend at least the following.


  • A good dumbbell set

  • An olympic lifting set (60kg - 100kg ideally)

Nice to haves:

  • Adjustable bench 

  • Rack

We'd recommend checking out the following:

Don't forget the team are here to help, so if you want a helping hand, our advice, whether that is recommendations around exercises or regarding what gym equipment to buy, just ask us. We love it when we can help make a positive impact.  

Each week, try to progress, one extra rep, a slightly heavier weight, slightly better form. Progression compounds.

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