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Gym Flooring Products

We believe that having amazing gym flooring is the key foundation to a highly functional and great looking gym. We work with commercial units to ensure their gym flooring meets the needs of their space. Our products are all commercial grade, heavily tested and built for long term performance. Details on each product can be found below, or if you know exactly what you want, just go straight to the online shop now.

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Gym Workout
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20mm gym flooring

Our 20mm gym flooring is in our eyes (and our customers), the very best in the market. Precision cut and made with the highest quality rubber. We have three main types of 20mm flooring. Plain black flooring, easy wipe premium black flooring, and coloured fleck flooring. 

The plain black rubber flooring is made from the popular SBR rubber, we use large granules at the bottom of the 20mm tile, with very dense SBR particles at the top, this helps enhance it's properties when it comes to durability and grip. For the quality, we absolutely will not be beaten on price. 

Our premium black flooring is SBR EPDM mix, it uses fine particles of rubber to make cleaning and maintenance easier. We all know cleaning the floor at your gym is a necessary faff, this premium flooring is purpose made to have all the durability properties of gym flooring, but with a slightly smoother finish, it's that little bit easier to wipe down.

We also offer EPDM rubber fleck flooring.  We have a range of colours to choose from, white, grey, orange, blue, red, yellow and green flecks. This provides a premium aesthetic, again this uses a mix of high performance rubber, again with the use of EPDM it's easy to clean and does look fantastic.

Gym image with square flooring

30mm gym flooring

Just like our 20mm gym flooring, our 30mm gym flooring really is a cut above our competition, and a lot better value. 30mm tends to be favoured by larger gyms, those with 1000+ members who know their floor is going to get a hammering from high level strength athletes. 

The 30mm really provides excellent protection of both your sub floor, and your equipment. Shock absorption, sound reduction, and again, providing that great aesthetic. 

We again have three key options for you.  

  • Plain back made with rubber. 

  • Premium SBR EPDM mix rubber flooring which is slightly easier clean

  • The ever popular 30mm coloured fleck flooring available in a whole range of colours.


Our premium EPDM flecked flooring comes with clips which sit on the underside of the matts to keep them all perfectly joined together. There are no extra charges for these. 

Commercial gym with brick work gym flooring

Other flooring

Gym floor edging can be important depending on the layout of your gym, if you are transitioning from different textures and levels then edging is important, it also helps complete the look. We provide both 20mm and 30mm edging and corners tiles to match our recommended flooring. They are provided in 50cm strips and we recommend using adhesive.

A key 'flooring' product that we provide, that really elevates a gym is sled tracks/artificial grass turf. They look world class. We sell both plain, numbered, and customisable branded tracks available in a range of colours. Sizes vary, we do both one and two meter width tracks, from 4m up to 20m long. Other sizes can be custom ordered, in fact, all our tracks are bespoke ordered so jump on live chat to discuss your specific needs.  

Green numbered sled turf example
Bespoke branded sled turf example.

Lifting platforms

All our Olympic lifting platforms are constructed for heavy commercial use. Our platforms are engineered to combine durable and shock absorbing rubber matting and a solid wood sub-structure that provides a firm footing and helps you maximise your lifting performance.

The Olympic lifting platforms are built for performance, but they also look the part too, elevating the look and feel of a gym.

Unlike some platforms, this is tied together with a strong precision cut steel frame with a black powdered coat finish. For large commercial gyms, we often customise the branding, so that your weight lifting platform contains your company logo.

The platform measures 2.1m deep and 3.1m wide. 

Lifting platform example
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