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Gym Flooring

The aim of this section is to provide you with our expert opinion on all things gym flooring. We've supplied thousands and thousands of floor tiles; for commercial gyms, CrossFit boxes, rugby clubs, PT studios, schools, garages, and everything in between. We want to ensure you have the best possible gym flooring for your individual space, and to ensure you get the best value gym flooring. 


Gym flooring | what size is right for you?

Nothing quite transforms the aesthetic of a gym like gym flooring. New gym flooring will have a huge impact. Whether you have a garage gym and are currently using horse matts, or you’re a large commercial unit with battered, grubby gym flooring, or you're launching a new space all together. We’d typically recommend 20mm gym matt flooring for the price conscious. 20mm gym flooring provides the perfect balance of commercial grade and excellent value. However, even within similar looking 20mm 1 x 1 gym tiles, you need to make sure you’re purchasing a high quality gym floor tile. There are subtle differences with tile cut, the finish, and the durability. You want to invest in a 100% pure recycled sole rubber granule, without filters. You’ll see a lot of standard black rubber granule (which also tend to have more of an odour) however, the 100% pure recycled sole rubber granule has better life duration, there is a better bounce and impact absorption alongside sound reduction. This is probably less important for a home gym, but for commercial gyms, getting a top-grade tile is very much recommended, especially when at Recharge, our price point is unbeatable. Better quality and better priced.


We recommend two other gym flooring finishes, our 20mm spec, and our 30mm spec. Both come with a PU laminated rubber finish for added durability and a nice aesthetic. We’d typically recommend the 20mm based on value, however, when we are doing large scale gym fit-outs for commercial gyms who tend to have over 2000 members, we often lean towards the 30mm spec. We won’t be beaten on value on the 20mm or the 30mm and will always recommend the best solution for your space.


Our gym tiles are all 1m x 1m and are easy to fit, gym tile fitting guidelines can be found below. For Recharge gym flooring installation services please send us a message on live chat or on our contact form and one of the team will get back to you.

Our simplistic view:

  • 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm are all a bit too light weight. Especially for commercial. 

  • 40mm and above. Almost certainly over the top. We can of course provide these, but you're not getting the most bang for your buck.

  • 20mm or 30mm is the sweet spot. 

    • 20mm ideal for home, garage, PT studios, or independent gyms. ​

    • 30mm is great for larger gyms with 1000+ members.​

  • As a bonus, sled tracks and lifting platforms massively add to the aesthetic and performance of a gym.​

Our gym flooring commitments

Top Quality

We use the very best rubber for maximum performance. Our gym flooring lasts, it out performs other brands considerably. The 1m x 1m cuts are precision made.  

Best Value

We do not believe we will ever be beaten on price, certainly not on like for like gym flooring. We will often pre order flooring in for customers as we cannot keep up with demand due to our superior value.

Honest Service

We will always recommend what is right for you. We don’t do upselling, if anything, we down sell as gyms often have an overinflated recommendation which are way over the top and unnecessarily expensive. This is about finding the right flooring for you, not for us.

Overview of gym floor products and prices

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