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Our commercial flooring model

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Is this the right option for you?

We have always talked about shaking up the sector. Our mission is to create a healthier and fitter nation, to do this, we want to see more gyms flourish. By providing a unique commercial model that saves gyms money, we are supporting this. 

Our model isn't for everyone, however, it does benefit a lot of gyms. We have a purposefully small management team, a relatively modest sized warehouse and company head quarters. We have spent countless hours, days, months, working with the various gym flooring factories based in China.

We take a much smaller margin, this is about scale and volume. As such there are qualifying criteria:

  • Commercial gyms only

  • Typically 100SQM minimum order

  • 6-10 weeks lead time depending on product 

  • 50% minimum deposit as this is made to order 

Sounds too good to be true?

We get this a lot, the vast majority of customers are eternally grateful for the value that we have provided. We are often provided with competitors eye watering quotes for a product we know is not on the same level quality wise, it's not a surprise we are held in such high regard. However, there are times when potential customers don't quite believe the rates, they think there is a catch, and we do understand why. 

So this is exactly how we are able to offer such incredible value:

  • We have spent years going up the food chain in China, we have a contract with the top flooring provider who then supplies resellers, who then supply UK brands. We work with the top of the chain (better purchasing rates)

  • We commit to a high volume of flooring each and every month (economies of scale unlocks top rates)

  • We bespoke order items specifically for clients, we don't need big marketing budgets, or large staff costs, we don't store the products in our warehouse (reduced operating costs)

  • We don't finance these purchases, all orders are based on real live customer orders, therefore there is zero wastage and we don't have to pay finance firms (reduced operating costs). 

  • We aren't greedy. We know that by having a small margin, we offer better rates which means our enquiry to conversion rate is phenomenal, there is very little administrative overhead for our team (reduced operating costs)

All these factors create a model that is unique, it means that our purchasing and operating costs are lower and so naturally our sales prices are lower. But due to the low margins, this only works at scale which is why we don't offer these rates to non commercial clients

Let’s Work Together

Recharge Fitness. Unit 1.6, Andoversford Industrial Estate.


Tel: 01242 894997

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