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Lee Liddiard-Smith

Kettlebell guru, functional trainer.


Lee has been a top level PT for over 12 years, but more importantly, he is a jedi with the kettlebell.

We've been impressed with Lee in terms of his knowledge and passion, put simply he helps people lose weight, gain strength and feel good. He really likes to get to know his clients and understands that everyone has a different journey; thus the name, CompassFitPT.

Lee is a big family man and is often found exercising and being 'outdoorsy'. He loves sports, bouldering, Ju-Jitsu and Kettlebell joke! He meditates daily and has done for 3 years!

We've always loved working with Lee, and would definitely recommend him as a PT with a unique skillset.

Ideal Client? Love working with people dedicated to getting fitter, stronger and healthier using functional training and kettlebells.

5 sessions = £150

Lichfield | F2F and Online

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