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About Us | Our Story

Recharge was launched in 2020 by rugby playing fitness enthusiast Ryan Anthoney and ex Royal Marine Grant Polson. Two different backgrounds, one consistent goal; to be very best. Grant was a top powerlifter in the Royal Marines, had a history of gym ownership, whereas Ryan, was an entrepreneur, passionate about property, digital, food, rugby and fitness.

Ryan had previously had a few bad experiences with gym equipment brands when developing luxury homes, so when the opportunity to create a new exciting gym equipment band that behaves differently, he jumped at the chance.


In 2022 Recharge grew and evolved. In 2023 there was a management buyout. Now in 2024, the business is going from strength to strength, shaking up the industry, making dreams become reality, doing some good in the UK and further afield, and having a lot of fun whilst doing it. Top gym kit and incredible service guaranteed.

Over the years, we've learnt a lot, we've made mistakes, we've evolved. The mission remains the same, the focus hasn't wavered, and we are on our path to success, but we genuinely don't feel like we've even scratched the surface. Since its launch Recharge has collected multiple awards; Gym Retailer of the year, Gym Equipment Provider of the Year, Prestige Gym Equipment Brand of the Year x 2. Whilst Recharge is thrilled to receive industry recognition, our ambition is very much focused on being the number one brand, and more importantly, shaking up the sector. To do this, Recharge needed to be bolder, to go harder, to maximise impact throughout the whole fitness community. Following the management buyout, CEO Ryan Anthoney helped us double down on our core proposition: creating a healthier and fitter nation.

More gyms, building beautiful spaces, getting the public more active. Recharge has invested heavily to provide top-quality equipment, but also on the supply chain, building long-lasting relationships that enable us to provide the UK with high-quality yet affordable commercial equipment. We are working with PTs to launch their first-ever gym space, and independent gym owners to help them scale their businesses. The more gyms we help create; the more we can help ensure the UK becomes more active, helping fight the obesity pandemic and reducing the strain on our NHS.

We will continue to work with individuals, drive community initiatives, support independent gyms, ​to positively impact our industry and UK society as a whole.


For media or sales enquiries, please reach out to or call us on 0330 043 4554

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