Don't buy the RF Stair that's not your normal product overview is it! This kit comes with a warning, it's a brutal cardio machine and certainly not for the faint hearted. If you are up for the challenge, then invest, but you'll need to bring some quads of steel as it's a real leg burner.  


For those that fancy some fasted cardio, a quick calorie burner after your weights session, a challenging warm up, or who just love climbing a stair, you're in great hands. The kit has been designed for your comfort, side handles, grippy steps, a clear display and a very smooth turn belt.


Some key features of the stair climber include:

* Built-in workouts including warm-ups/cool-downs, fat burner, cardio etc.

* LCD display and easy to use interface.

* Measures Watts, Calories, Distance, Speed, Time, Heart Rate. 

* Smooth turn belt to go easy on the knees, with added hand support. This is electronically controlled with various workout zones to match your capabilities. 


ASSEMBLY SIZE: 145 x 88 x 225

MAX LOAD: 150kg






RF Stair Climber

£3,499.00 Regular Price
£2,999.00Sale Price
  • We offer a 30 day return policy if the product is found to be faulty.


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