This Curved Running Machine is an absolute beauty. Our running machine is the red edition. 


Everyone loves a treadmill, well they don't but it's a key part of any decent gym set up. Cardio provides us with a large calorie burn alongside numerous health benefits. Cardio kit however, and running machines in particular are typically bulky, energy zapping pieces of kit. In the past year we've seen the emergence of the curved treadmill, it's an innovation that comes with lots of key benefits. One of these benefits is that it more naturally replicates an outdoor running stride, there is less impact on joints and great cardio gains. Research indicates that curved running machines drive an extra 30% calorie gain but we will let your future six pack be the judge of that. 


Our curve machine is of a medium size and fits the majority of stride lengths. It's a heavy duty commercial standard machine that is built to last up to 150,000 miles of action, even Mo Farrah would struggle to rack that up. The machine that does not lean upon a motor, it has a high strength nylon skeleton running belt. 


ASSEMBLY SIZE: 200cm x 91cm x 153cm

MAX LOAD: 150kg




RF Curved Running Machine

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