We've partnered with RawSteel to offer this cost effective plate package. It has no frills, it's rough, it's ready, and it's pretty ideal for anyone look to keep in shape during lockdown whilst on a very strict budget. 


We've created 3 popular packages - the 100kg set, 150kg set and 250kg set. 


All sets come with our black and gold antimicrobial barbell. Just chose whether you'd like the 201cm, 15kg option of the 220cm, 20kg option. 


The steel plates are sourced from Wales and cut in England, they are 100% British made. Once the plates are cut, the steel is blasted, before the RawSteel logo is added with steel paint. This product has been sourced specifically due to high demands levels, this is a no nonsense kit*.


*It's raw steel, expect small imperfections, we allow for up to a 2% tolerance in weight on each plate. 5kg plates could weigh up to 5.1kg for example although we only expect a 1% variation. As a raw steel plate, caution is needed with handling, and in time, expect rusting with atmospheric moisture. 


Variations and product spec:


2.5kg = 20.7cm diameter. 10mm thick. No hand holds. 

5kg = 24.5cm wide. 15mm thick. No hand holds.

10kg = 29.0cm wide. 20mm thick. No hand holds.

15kg = 32.6cm diameter. 25mm thick. Hand holds within plate. 

20kg = 41.3cm diameter. 20mm thick. Hand holds within plate.

25kg = 41.25cm diameter. 25mm thick. Hand holds within plate.



RawSteel Plate/Barbell Combo

Package weight and barbell size
  • Custom made in the UK.

    5 - 7 days lead time. 


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