This is the perfect starter bar to nail your technique before you go heavy. 


Popular in crossfit gyms, functional training, powerlifting and olympic weightlifitng, this bar is lighter than a normal Olympic bar and slightly narrower too. Rather than go too heavy too soon, this training bar is produced for the newbies or those looking to really learn new movements, ensure their form and posture is perfect. 


All our bars are fully compatible with 2" plates. 


The technique bar is knurled for grip and is 6ft wide (180cm), it weighs 7.5kgs and the bar itself is 28mm in thickness (the same as an olympic bar). 


The max load recommendation on this bar is 92.5kg, although as a technique bar, it's all about technique, not shifting big weight! 

Pink Technique Bar | 7.5kg Barbell

  • The technique bar is knurled for grip

    6ft wide (180cm)

    Weighing 7.5kgs

    2" sleeves (compatable with olympic plates/all standard plates). 

    28mm bar diameter (the same thickness as an olympic bar). 

    92.5kg max load. 


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