This is a high-quality 15kg Barbell which is copper plated, it has a jet BLACK finish. This bar has been created in light of recent events, it's antimicrobial which helps prevent the spread of germs between athletes or gym users. The bar is made specifically to prevent germs, bacteria and viruses surviving.


The bar has undergone rigorous scientific testing at the SGS laboratory. After 28 days the results are graded following 50X microscopic testing from 0 - 4. These bars have scored 'Grade 0' no bacterial growth.


It is a standard competition thickness (25mm) and works perfectly with all our plates.


Above and beyond the anticmicrobial benefits, they look great, have knurled grip and 6 bearings. They have been load tested up to 454kgs. 


Antimicrobial 15kg Barbell | BLACK

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  • It is a standard thickness and weighs 15kg.

    Load tested with 454kgs. 

    The bar is 201cm long. 

    35cm sleeves x 2, 131cm central bar length.