Over the course of 2020 we have seen an increased appetite for adjustable dumbbells? Why? Well it's a very flexible bit of equipment that lends itself well to small home gyms, those with a tight budget and equally thoses new to lifting. The latest adjustable dumbbells is a million miles ahead of the cheap cast iron sets that you spend 5 minutes spinning off a collar, before adding weight, then tightening collar back. These adjustable dumbbells are quick release, they are design specifically with a quick change of weight in mind.  Twist the end dial, adjust your weight, then lift. Easy peasy.  Our adjustable dumbbells are sold with the all important base, and go up to 40kgs. So, no need to go to the expense of having 20 different dumbbell weights, no need to take up most of your home gym space with dumbbells, instead, this all in one solution.  Sounds great, right? It's time to train. And with these, you can pretty much train every body part. What are you waiting for? It's gain o'clock.* PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS 1 ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELL*

Adjustable dumbbell (single) up to 40kg | Dispatch 1st week Feb

  • 40kg 

    Sold individually and comes with the adjustable dumbbell dock.

    Easy adjust

    Plastic coated metal plates


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