The dumbbell is a staple of any good strength and conditioning routine. Dumbbells are a versatile piece of kit and can be used to work out almost every single body part. From bicep curls, to standing lunges, from bench press to triceps kickbacks – to name just some of our favourites.


Our hex dumbbells range from the light 2.5kgs which are ideal for beginners, warm up activity, rehabilitation, high reps, isolation exercises, and go all the way up to the hefty 60kgs which are almost impossible to lift off the ground unless you're a strong man. Our most popular dumbbell sizes tend to range from 5kgs up to 30kgs.



  • High quality solid cast dumbbell encased in rubber for protection
  • Solid metal chrome finish contoured (ergo) handles
  • Unique Design Ideal for home and commercial markets

55kg dumbbells

SKU: 4022
  • Dumbbells are avaliable in other sizes. Dumbbells sold as a pair. 


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