This is an Olympic Barbell weighing 20kg. 


It's a great quality high spec bar which is standard competition thickness (28mm) and 7ft (221cm) long. It has a maximum load capacity of 680kg, although unless you're a worlds strongest man competitor you won't get near this capacity, if you can, let us know!


It's important to us that this bar is a top spec bar, the bar end caps are Recharge Fitness branded and it's knurled for grip. It has a total of bearings for a smooth roll when doing power lifting/cross fit activity and is a joy to use! 


The barbell is a staple bit of kit for all serious gym-goers. Whether that is bench press, military press, squats or deadlifts. Our bars are chrome plated and of solid steel construction, the bar is knurled to add grip.


Please note, there is no central knurling on our latest model. There is also added detail within the sleve as illustrated in the picture.


20kg Olympic Barbell

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  • It is a standard competition thickness (28mm) and is 7ft long