The 100kg plate with 15kg barbell package is one of our favourites. Top notch barbell with some cracking plats. 


A barbell and plates is the staple of any resistance trainer/weight lifter. For most, 100kg in plates is the perfect start point, with plates ranging from 5kg up to 20kg it provides plenty of flexibility in terms of movements, and is heavy enough package for men and women alike. 


You'll get 100kg of bumper plates plus our 15kg olympic barbell with branded cap ends. We will throw in a pair of spring collars too for good measure. 


  • 15kg RF olympic barbell
  • 5kg RF bumper plate pair
  • 10kg RF bumper plate pair
  • 15kg RF bumper plate pair
  • 20kg RF bumper plate pair 
  • Spring collars


The total weight is 115kgs plus the collars. 

100kg RF bumper plate and 15kg barbell set

    • 15kg RF olympic barbell (201cm long, 450kg max load, knurled grip, 4 bearings)
    • 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg RF bumper plate pairs
    • Spring collars

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