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Is a personal trainer worth the money?

It's a question we get asked a lot. It's a difficult one to answer, because the answer depends on the personal trainer, and you. If we reframe and split the question into two:

  • What value would you place on achieving your dream body?

  • Can you get there without a personal trainer? If yes, why haven't you?

Obviously if you have already got that dream bod, without a PT, you probably don't need one! If you aren't completely happy, then it's something worth considering perhaps. Some people use a PT to keep themselves accountable, to help safely increase strength, to improve knowledge, or just to keep motivation levels up, there are loads of benefits, but it's all about finding the right PT.

This is a huge problem with our sector. There are LOADS of rubbish PTs (sorry but it's true). There are too few barriers to becoming a qualified personal trainer, there are even less barriers to becoming a fitness influencer...I mean you don't even have to be fit. I've seen literally thousands of people who have lost a couple of stone on a fad diet and suddenly become a spokesperson for that diet, preaching to the world. I've seen personal trainers in terrible shape with excellent knowledge, and I've seen personal trainers absolutely ripped with awful knowledge. Ideally you'd find a personal trainer in good shape, who has average/normal person genetics, hasn't taken performance enhancers and loves spending their spare time learning. That's a lot to take in!

Let's face it, it's a bit of a minefield.

Introducing: Recharge Approved personal trainers.

Why? It's us trying to do our little bit by being helpful. These are personal trainers with worked with/have spent time with/believe in. We know they are really good at what they do, we've tried to focus on niche areas too, whether that is a kettlebell specialist, a bodybuilder, or a postnatal personal trainer. We want to matchmake you with the right PT, a PT that really gets you, and that really cares.

You can check out our starting team of approved personal trainers.

They each have a mini profile and a link to their websites.

We will continue to evolve this list. If we ever receive poor feedback regarding any of the personal trainers we will certainly review, equally, when we get messages from the public endorsing other PTs, we will look to set up a call and potentially add them.

This is a resource that is there to put the spotlight on those that are great at what they do, and help you navigate your way through a lot of bad options, to find your perfect PT....if this is something you think you'd benefit from!

Just to share my own personal view. I don't and haven't used a personal trainer. I'm incredibly motivated and always have been. I dedicate hours each week reading scientific research, studies and looking at bio-hacks. I also have the privilege of speaking to PTs day in, day out, so try to soak up their knowledge/opinions and philosophies. However, am I in the perfect shape I want to be in? Absolutely not. If I'm honest with myself, I probably would benefit from working with one of these amazing lot! It's a call only you can make.

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